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Our Legacy

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After taking over the facility in 2007, I renamed it Legacy to honor my parents. They arrived in America with very little, but through hard work and ingenuity realized their American Dream. As a young boy watching them struggle as new immigrants, fully committed to succeeding, I was inspired to not settle. When they passed the facility down to me, I naturally considered it their legacy. 


As we continue to evolve, all of us who criss-cross these hallways, answer call bells, hang IVs, deliver lunch trays, or assist with rehab, are adding to the Legacy. It is no longer just my parent’s legacy, this is now our legacy too. 


Legacy is defined as “money, memory or knowledge handed down through generations”. Our legacy will not be money or materials. For our residents and staff we hope to foster something far more valuable:

  • A feeling of well-being.

  • A feeling of being cared for.

  • A feeling of belonging.

Tom Joseph, MD

CEO, Legacy Post Acute Care


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LEGACY is dedicated to providing your loved ones a caring and supportive environment. Whether your family member is staying for short-term respite care, rehabilitation therapy services, or long-term skilled nursing care, our dedicated staff of trained professionals will ensure they are cared for in a nurturing and respectful environment. Our caregivers undergo rigorous training in senior healthcare education including effective communication with the elderly, Alzheimer’s and dealing with sensory loss.

Long Term, Respite, and Hospice Care

At LEGACY, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved ones are cared for by professionals who are committed and dedicated to the well being of the elderly. Vigilant pain management and trained staff of caregivers ensure that your loved one’s needs are handled quickly with dignity and sensitivity.


Respite care is a brief time out for the caregivers. Those who devote countless hours and perform innumerable tasks daily can take a short respite knowing that their loved ones are in good hands – our hands.


Our trained professionals will support your loved one and family through the care that is needed for end of life decisions.

Skilled Nursing Services

Our 24/7 RN coverage along with our certified staff of caregivers have undergone extensive training and therefore can provide a high level of clinical oversight and support to treat complex medical conditions. All medical services are provided under the direct supervision of the resident’s physician or the medical director.


-The family of Hanna Mae-

“We thank you so much for all the loving care you gave to Hannah Mae over the years – may God bless and watch over each and every one of you for all of your kindness to her.” 


“I was a patient at Legacy for two months, but I feel ‘patient’ isn’t the most accurate description. I think the word ‘guest’ is more appropriate because that’s what I felt like. I can’t say enough about the entire staff there. The nurses, CNAs, physical therapists, dietary manager & staff, administrators & custodians were extremely friendly, cheerful, kind, caring, responsive, and knowledgeable. By the time I left, they were more like friends and family than Legacy employees. They truly care, work very hard, and do their best. I felt I was in good hands when I was there and I will be forever grateful for the excellent care I received.”

–Saechao family-

“Thank you for caring for my grandmother. During her last days, you have given her much love and warmth. Not only to my grandmother but to us you have shown kindness. I have no way to repay my appreciation, only a word of thanks and may God bless this nursing home and may it continue to offer love and refuge to those I need.” 

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